• "I love love love these candles. Sunday Morning and Sweetest Thing are my top favorites! The candles, to the packaging, to the personalized hand-written cards are amazing and very thoughtful. Everyone NEEDS these candles in their houses. No questions asked! "


  • "These candles are small but mighty. the scents are INCREDIBLE. I just bout a few more full size ones cause I loved the little ones so much. And they make awesome gifts!"


  • "My daughter bought this for her mother’s Christmas gift. Absolutely perfect. Enjoyed by all."


  • "The smell of this candle (Sweetest Thing) is unmatched on a nice weekend morning. I also light it when I'm winding down before bed or just relaxing, the wooden wick gives it the best crackling sound almost as if you're sitting near a nice smelling fire. 5/5 recommend!!! Love it"


  • "These candles are amazing! They set an amazing ambiance when buring, but my favorite part is that if you want a more sublte scent just leaving them around your living space and enjoy :)"


  • "The Truth is so cleansing and soothing. If you're having a bad day and you need to let all that negative energy go, the sage does the trick; while the lavender calms and relaxes you with wonderful crackling sound of your wick. I love this so much, it's perfect for after that shower to wash your day off, cleanse your body and your soul. Its THE TRUTH!"


did you know?

Large candle companies often make their candles with paraffin wax, which releases toxic chemicals like benzene and toluene when burned. Research from the US Environmental Protection Agency has reported that burning candles made with paraffin wax have been directly linked to several health problems including asthma, respiratory issues, and allergy-like symptoms.

BLKessence candles are hand poured with a 100% coconut-soy wax. Coconut-soy wax, derived from vegetable/soybean oils, is without chemicals and burns cleanly.

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