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BLKessence is composed of small-batch, hand-made products. Therefore, all orders are processed within 4-6 business days. You will receive a tracking number and expect your order to arrive 3-5 days after the processing period. 

Please note: due to COVID-19, USPS processing times may be delayed. We appreciate your continued patience and support during this time!

BLKessence uses great care while packaging your order. In the unlikely event your package arrives damaged, please notify us within 48 hours of receiving your package. Please contact with an image of the product, your name, and your order number. We will issue a refund or ship a replacement as soon as possible. 

If you can't find your confirmation email from us (, be sure to check your spam folder. You can also create an account with us to have access to your order history all in one place!

Due to the nature of creating hand-crafted goods, we normally do not provide refunds-- all sales are final. Exceptions may be made at our discretion. Please email us at for any concerns regarding returns or exchanges. 

BLKessence candles are hand-poured with coconut soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oil, and clean-burning wooden wicks. Each of our products contain absolutely no animal-derived ingredients. When we say our candles are "clean-burning", it means that they are free from toxins, carcinogens, and mutagens. 
Yes! Because BLKessence candles are vegan, clean-burning, and non-toxic, they are safe to burn in a household with pets and/or children. Be sure to keep an open flame out of a pet/child's reach as a safety precaution. 
Our 7oz candles burn for approximately 40-45 hours in total. You can maximize your candle's burn time by trimming your wick before lighting and allowing the wax pool to melt fully by letting the candle burn for at 3-4 hours each use. 
Always be sure to trim your wick to 1/4" before each light. To trim your wick you don't have to have wick trimmers! You can use nail clippers, scissors, or even your fingers to remove it. If your candle's flame is still too large after trimming the wick first, please email us at
Yes, please email us at! We will send you our line sheet with our custom and wholesale prices. 

Candle Care

  • Clear any debris before lighting your candle. 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight or other sources of heat. 
  • Never move a hot, burning candle.
  • Burn within sight and never leave a candle unattended.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Trim your wick between each use! Trimming your wick to about 1/4" with a wick trimmer, scissors, or nail clippers will allow for a much longer, smoother, and cleaner burn.

The melt pool is the candle wax that has melted on top of the candle while the flame is lit. To ensure a clean and even melt pool, be sure to burn your candle for 3-4 hours each use. This will allow for a longer total candle burn time. 

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