Things we're leaving in 2021: negative self talk, toxic friends, rash decisions, self sabotage, procrastination, self doubt, overthinking, underachieving eiving

January 2022 Newsletter

Hey BLKessence Fam,

Happy first Friday of 2022! I hope you all have set some goals and visualized how you want to step into the new year. I know I have! One of my many goals for the year is to start sending out monthly newsletters to our BLKessence fam. These newsletters will include BLKessence updates, candle tips, fun facts, early access to new product launches, exclusive promo codes, and so much more. BLKessence has so many exciting things in store going into 2022 and it warms my heart that you're here with us on this journey!

With Love,




Do you want your candles to last longer?

The best way to get your candle to last longer is to trim your wick! By trimming the wick between each time you light your candle, it prevents the flame from getting too large. If you don't have wick trimmers, you can use scissors or my personal fave, just use your fingers! 




We have a TON of new additions to the BLKessence Fam!

If you don't follow us on TikTok (@blkessenceco) already, you should! One of our videos about Victory Lap went viral! We're extending a very warm welcome to those who discovered BLKessence from TikTok recently.


Look out for a full restock on 1/11

Because of our recent amazing growth on social media, almost our entire site sold out within a few days! Keep your eyes out for a full restock this Tuesday, 1/11.

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