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Our mission here at BLKessence is to provide a candle experience that cleanses both the home and the soul by curating vegan, organic, and cruelty-free candles. We believe that any candle you bring into your home should be toxin-free and safe to burn for yourself and your families while maintaining a luxurious ambiance. Our Essentials Collection is the perfect blend of balanced scents to bring that comfort and tranquility we all need in our space.


If you're a candle-obsesser like me, you may have had moments while candle shopping where you can't quite find the right candle: the packaging is too dull or too overstimulating, the scent is too overwhelming, or the vibe just isn't right. 
When creating BLKessence candles, it was important to me to curate an experience that emits opulence and comfort no matter what your self-care routine may look like. Whether you're a student, have a full-time job, take care of your family, or just chill at home, everyone deserves to have a clean-burning candle.


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