Mini BLKessence Candle Bundle

  • $40.00

On the go or staying home, our vegan mini candles may seem small but they sure are mighty! These 4 oz minis are perfect if you want to give BLKessence candles a try for the first time, or even if you prefer travel-size candles!

  • hand-poured in CA
  • 4oz
  • virgin coconut soy wax
  • clean-burning, crackling wooden wicks
  • 15-20 hours burn time

Candle Profiles:

Come Over:  Mahogany. Lavender. Cedarwood. Geranium. 

Cuffing Season: Vanilla Santal. Sandalwood. Shea Butter.

After Dark: Cashmere. Orange Blossom. Patchouli. Vanilla. Pink Pepper. Jasmine.

The Truth: Lavender. Chamomile. Sage. Rosemary. Sandalwood

Sweetest Thing: White Rose. Lemon Flower. Vanilla. Blue Spruce. Patchouli 

Sunday Morning: Linen. White Tea. Lemon. Lily of the Valley. Eucalyptus.

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